Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Big Yellow Limo

I drive a school bus.   It's a strange thing because I'm not a kid person, at least, other people's kids.   I didn't babysit as a teen and try my darndest to avoid it now.   I don't like driving big vehicles either.   I like little cars that I can dodge traffic in.   If you haven't noticed, People are nuts on the road.  So, of course, I'm a school bus driver. I love my bus and the kids that are on it.   (even the ones that drive me nuts)   
My bus (and every bus) provides a plethera of entertaining stories, outrageous situations, and amusing anecdotes.   They could make a sitcom out of what goes on but no on e would believe it.   Weird things happen, good and bad.   "Are you kidding me?" moments run amok.   We're nuts, the public's crazy and the kids are looney.   It's a good combo.   Really, things just happen, it's life.   Like our fearless leader always says "We're Professionals, We can handle it" "We'll adjust and adapt"  and we do. 
We are like a family, not just because we are such a tight knit group.   We enjoy tormenting each other, laughing with and at each other, crying with and because of each other.   We learn from each other, and cover for each other, and occasionally, we have to tell on each other.   It's an interesting thing.   
The last couple of years has seen it's share of joys and sorrows as well.   Everyone came together for each one.   My grandmother is an aide on one of our busses.   When I lost my grandfather, her husband, everyone was there and it was good to not mourn alone.   One of our trainers lost a brother, two lost fathers, others have lost friends and family.   We have mourned with the families of drivers who passed.   Marriages have formed and broken up.  Babies, grandbabies, baby puppies and baby goats have been celebrated.   Four of us finally went to work together and got our high school equivalencies.   It's a good place to work.

One of the great things about working with kids is the great stuff they come up with.   I have to share, my stories and theirs.   It's too much fun to keep it to ourselves.


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