Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Quiet Game

1..2..3..Quiet! lalala. You Lose! Now your out too! HA HA! am not, that doesn't count! does too, whoever talks.  nuh-uh, first one's out! no, it's everyone til one person wins! nuh-uh! yeah-huh! Do-over! 1..2..3..Quiet! I heard that! What? Ha, you talked, you lose! No! Yes! You talked first, you lose! No way, that's not how it works! No, she's right you talked first.  Nuh-uh, she did. He's right, I heard her. That was me and I'm not even playing. Yes, you have to, everyone is playing. No, I don't. Your playing 123 Quiet! Quit poking me! Ha! Now you talked first! That doesn't count. you can't poke. you can't make me play then. yes, so it's not loud on the bus, everyone has to play. right, bus driver? don't drag me into this. see its too loud. 123 Quiet. I wasn't ready. now 123 Quiet. you lost! no, I wasn't ready. now, you lost. 123 QUIET! . . . . . . . . . . gotta love the quiet game.

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