Thursday, May 31, 2012

criss cross braids

split the hair into quarters. basic 2 french braids with a regular braided part where they meet in the middle and resume french braiding. simple but fun

for this one i divided it into 6 and simply crossed it twice

this was divided into a pinwheel.  down the center, in half the other way and then half again.   you are going to braid from top center to the top in the opposite bottom section.
braid top left center across and into the upper section of the bottom opposite side.   when you cross the center, braid a space without bringing any hair in.   you will need to pull a braid under it in the end.
then do the same with the top center right, over the top left center braid..
then the top lower left side, over the top center right braid.
the last one is the only one you need to pull under another braid if you braid left then right.   braid the lower top right side down to the place it crosses the braid from the top.   braid without bringing anything in for a space and band it.   pull it under the top left center braid and then continue with bringing in hair from the appropriate section.

yet another version of the criss cross braid.    this isn't really even another version, it's just a play with the hair after the braid.   basic criss cross, then i just crossed the tails of the braids and brought them up and through the hole under the top braid, then around that same braid and weave through to hole it.   i left the ends sticking out for some funk.  

this wasn't actually woven in tight but it lasted through sport today.   i was actually just playing with it and teasing my princess.   the first time i wrapped it around her neck and tied it in the front (loose and not a knot).   i told her she needed a scarf because it was cold.   i was surprised that it held all day since it wasn't really bound in tight.   these pictures are actually her doing homework after school so it held up great!

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