Monday, May 21, 2012

homemade laundry soap recipie (lazy version)

everyone has one and i had a great one until we moved.   here's the u.s. version that i used for a few years and loved.   it lasted forever and didn't cost much at all.

i'm not really a pattern or recipe person so i simplified my down to basic - pour the whole box, grate all the soap, mix, use.

approximately equal parts of each, like i said not much for measuring so 2 small boxes, equals one big.   i don't want extra open boxes sitting around so i just used the whole box.   its laundry soap not quiche, it'll do a great job either way.

washing soda*
bars of soap.   i used 1 fels-naptha and 2-3 ivory, depending on whether the big bars or little bars were on sale.   fels naptha was kind of expensive sometimes so then i left it out and just used ivory.

* (bake baking soda on a cookie sheet at *400 until it all changes texture to get washing soda.   you'll have to move it around some to get all of it.    haven't tried this yet but i thought i would pass it on anyway.

anyway, mix it all up in a bucket or whatever your keeping it in.   i used 1 tbs for each load.   a little more for my husband's work clothes that came home literally caked with mud and\or concrete. 

we had really soft water in our area so i didn't need anything else.   i've heard that a tbs of salt in the load helps with the hard water.   here in germany, the water is horribly hard and i've been using salt and a half cup or so of vinegar in the rinse.   i have yet to find borax here and baking soda is more expensive so i'm working on a new german recipe.   if anyone has suggestions, i'd love to hear it.