Sunday, May 20, 2012

twisted princess

this might not be the best gymnastic hair-do but it was good for a day of running around.   she even helped her dad out at the job site with this pretty coiffure.

super easy, slightly time consuming, especially when your getting little blond curls helping you.   

section off into thirds.   i made the middle larger than the sides.   the lines don't have to be straight since they will be covered by the twists.   i also didn't bring the middle section all the way down to the nap of the neck.   

french braid the sides, end both at the center of the neck.

in the center, i picked up a small section at the front and started twisting, when it started to curl back on itself i brought it up close to the starting position and added more hair.  this made it curl up and kept it in place.    repeat as many times as necessary to get tho the bottom.   have your lovely assistant/model hold the end of the twist.    i did the outsides first and then the middle.   i worked back and forth in the middle so i didn't have to make so many twists.   my princess only has 2 hands and it saved some time.   at the bottom, i braided the twists together and then braided the braids.  

that's the twisted princess
 i think it would look good to bring the braids up and into a bun as well.   add some little butterflies or flowers to it.   color in the twists would be fun too.   hmmm . . .   maybe twist the braids into flowers at the bottom and put butterflies in the top.    maybe some jewels or glitter in the hair.    crown braid with twists in the center.   lots of fun things to do with this one.   it is really beautiful no matter what you do with it.

now, go get your princess all twisted


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