Tuesday, May 29, 2012

twisted tiara into twisted crown

this is church hair in the morning into hot summer day hair in the afternoon.

 the twisted tiara is super easy.   i did an under -braid across the front and continued the braid to the end.

then starting at the opposite side i started a twist behind the ear.   twist til it will curl back once.   pick up another small piece and twist the same, add it to the first piece and twist until it will curl once.   so you should have a twisted curl, then the main twist curl, and another twisted curl etc across the head behind the braid.

i braided the end just behind the other ear so she had a braid on each side. 

then i used the curling iron to put some curls down the back and give her bangs some lift.

later, i  sectioned off the outside ring of hair and banded it out of the way.   .

now just continue the twist, add, twist.   i found out that small a small zig-zag pattern top to bottom and back up is easier for me than across the head.

you could have a couple of twisted ends that your princess holds for you until your ready.  i think i will use a couple of zig zags top to bottom next time.   and add them into the braid in different spots.

 i left the braid til last so could include the end of the twist in it.

unbraid the end of the tiara braid.   add your twisted ends into the braid.  then just continue with the under braiding all the way around her hairline.

when you get back to the start, just weave the end of the braid into the braid across the front of the hairline.   i've never had to pin the ends in and they stay just fine.

you may want to spray it down a bit first so the wispy ends stay put, we were just in a hurry.

this was a lot of fun and wonderful on a hot day.

now, go twist crown for your princess!