Thursday, May 31, 2012

woven braid

under braided then end of braid woven back up into the braid. held up to sports and a full day with no problems and no bobby pins

another version

  underbraid, then loop end of braid over and tuck under an inside loop of the upper braid. continue looping and tucking to the top, weave end down through the center. this is easier with a topsy turvey. i just cut a strip of plastic form a bottle and then cut a slit in the fat end. it worked just fine. this held through school, swimming and playing all day with no problems and no bobby pins.

 crossed woven braids

this was fun, we did the same as the other woven braids but instead of coming back up into the same braid, just crossed them back and forth.   i wove the ends into the same braid to secure them.

we are growing some of her front bangs out so she has lots of little whispys.    does that make them messy braids too?   she's just going to school, not a beauty pageant.

 these are so much fun!   they stay put so well that we end up doing it a lot.  today's version was for field day.   my tomboy princess was entered into the jump rope contest and she didn't want a braid beating her on the back.   this one got finished in the car because we had to make some stops before we went to school.   it turned out looking like something out of gone with the wind anyway.   you gotta love that!   so this one just got a half knot at the bottom and the braids continued to the other side to weave.  i wove the ends into the outside loops of the braids this time though.   simple.

this is just the crossed version.   section into four, braid from one corner to the other.   same on the other side.   then weave up and over.