Friday, June 29, 2012

fried tortellini?

oh yes!   fried tortellini!  
i got the idea from this site :

the kids thought i was nuts but i wanted to try it anyway. 

it was a lot of fun to make.   we set up an assembly line and even my little blond curls got to help. 
big brother stuck the tortellini on a skewer.

blond curls put the full skewers in flour and covered them really well.   i even got him to tap off the excess flour most of the time.

my tomboy princess then dipped them in eggs beat with a little milk.   (or just took them out if curly dunked them).  

she then coated them with a bread crumb italian seasoning mixture.

mama got to put them in the frying pan.   even at that, my princess got splattered so we moved her over a bit and put the breading box between her and the pan.

from the frying pan and into the oven!

i had some paper towels laid out in a warm oven.   i didn't want them cold, or greasy.

i got those on the right a little browner than i wanted.   that happens when your cooking with kids.   it all tasted good though.   we had some italian type tomato sauce to dunk them in, kind of spaghetti sauce but not.    my hubby wants it with salsa next time.   i think a veggie tortellini instead of the meat, (or at least not this brand) would be better.   the princess wants cheese tortellini next time instead.   it wasn't their favorite but definitely a re-do.

we just had salad and fruit with it.   of course, you have to have chocolate milk with anything tomato sauce.   don't ask why, you just do, it tastes better.

go fry up the tortellini or raviolis and have some fun making it with the kiddos.   that may be the best part of any meal.