Monday, June 4, 2012

missionary games

We have the missionaries over most every week.   last week, the kids decided they needed to come over for a game night for family home evening.   hmmm . . . game to play with the missionaries.  

here's what we came up with - scripture mastery scavenger hunt.   i was going to just look up some scriptures to use but . . .i'm to lazy for that.   i figured scripture mastery were worthwhile scriptures and all i had to do was write them down.
you can use 4 teams with each using the scripture mastery set from the 4 sets of works, old test., new test., book of mormon, doc. & cov.   everyone can use the same set, mix it up however suits your purposes.   use time limit or til each team is done or just go all together.   we aren't competitive, so we don't keep score anyway.   it would be a fun thing to take on a nature walk or on a car ride  as well.   basic scavenger hunt  except you get to be creative with it.  

take this scripture for example : john 10:16  And aother bsheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be cone fold, and one shepherd.

you could find a sheep or something sheep related.
you could find something to represent fold, like folded clothing.
something for hearing or voice.
a shepherd or shepherds staff or a stick.
possibly a fence to keep the sheep together
the number 1.
you could get less symbolic and go with america or nephites/lamanites which is what this refers to. . . .

you get it.

it's fun to see what people come up with.   if someone gets too far off, take a vote.

you could always use scriptures your working with or the Articles of Faith,

The Family: A Proclamation to the World,

The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles, . . . .

one of the other options is to use the scriptures as clues to where to find things/more clues.  

genesis 8: 6  

And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made:

would be the window which would have the clue -  

Leviticus 25:22 

22 And ye shall sow the eighth year, and eat yet of old fruit until the ninth year; until her fruits come in ye shall eat of the old store

 which would lead to your food storage etc.

if you've read book of mormon sleuth, it does this all the way through and has some really obscure references.    

so that was my plan but it was raining and the kids needed to burn some energy.   so, yeah for mommy with a back up plan!

balloon volleyball.   we always have balloons, they are better for you than candy.    everyone enjoyed batting them back and forth.   there are rules, but no one really plays by them for more than a few minutes.   and when your playing with a rambunctious 2 year old, just keeping the balloon it the air is great.

ninja.   i don't get it cuz i'm old.  but the missionaries had played before and all of my kids thought it was great.   the little blonde curls didn't play by the rules, surprise surprise.   bow to each other.   pose like a ninja.   step or attack each move.   so the first steps or makes a new ninja pose that tries to hit the other person's hand.  you can move your hand/arm or step back to avoid the attack.  it's looks like robot ninjas and i love watching them.   its hilarious!    

Who's the Animal -  To start the game, you need a person that is it. Everyone stands in the circle, except the person who is it, they stand in the middle. Put a blindfold on the person who is it. Have them say "Go" every one runs around, not making any clue of where they are. When the person who is it says "Stop" all the people stop in the circle again. The person who is it points in a direction, saying an animal. Whoever he/she points to has to make the animal noise that they were told. Trying not to sound like themselves. The person tries to guess the person who made the noise. If he/she guesses right, the person who did the animal is it, if not you just pick some one else to be it. - Maren Jacobs from

screaming toes was fun - we usually ended up with one winner.   Screaming Toes- Everyone stands up. Get in a circle. Everyone chooses someone and looks at their feet. Everyone yells, "SCREAMING TOES!" then looks at the persons face. If they're looking at you, SCREAM! Step out of the circle. The last two people in the circle wins.

 we did the flour tower.   use a cup and form your flour like a sand castle.  you'll have to pack it to get it to stay.   then put your plate on top of the cup and turn them over so the flour can come out on he plate.   i used an old ice cream cup and put a hole in the bottom so it would release easier.    place a penny on the top and take turns cutting chunks off of the tower.   you have to cut from top to bottom, no chicken little chunks.   the one who makes the penny fall loses.    we played this a lot.   the new rule we had to make is that the little blonde 2 year old curls gets to finish the tower after the penny falls and if your holding the knife when he bumps the table making the penny fall, you lose.   

one of the missionaries taught us "signs".   everyone has a sign.   like a finger mustache, bunny ears, something with your hands.   one person in the middle closes their eyes and turns once.   the people around the outside start the game while "it" turns.   the first person makes a someone's sign, that person makes their own sign to accept the turn and then someone else's sign.   the person in the center tries to catch the person who's turn it is.   so if the person has not accepted the sign yet, the person who sent it is still it.   another version is if you send "it"out of the room and everyone makes up their sign and the person in the middle tries to guess someones sign.   the person who's sign they guess correctly is it.

 we'll have to do this again when it's warmer and can play outside.   one of the neighbors showed up and played with us.   the missionaries gave a short lesson and we had treats, (of course).   any other fun games?   ldssplash had a lot of other fun games as well.   they tried gospel says but it didn't go very far.    i think the curly toddler had something to do with that.      

 altogether a great family home evening!