Wednesday, June 13, 2012

stewed pork and smashed taters

 I really hate making dinner so when i can fine things i like, my family likes and is easy, i'm in.   that's why i'm loving pinterest.   i keep finding things i love.    enough small talk, let's eat!   here's what's for dinner tonight.

i took this stewed pork recipe from pinterest and i tweaked it of course.

6 pork chops, i guess, they are called schnitzel here.   whatever, some pork of some kind.   seasoned with pepper, salt, italian seasoning, (i couldn't find cilantro here), and parsley and browned it in a pan.  i used coconut oil,( not because i'm all healthy and stuff but it's my newest toy i've been experimenting with).   took the pork out and started my 2 onions in the pan.   i love caramelized onions in things but i was getting lots of help from my little blond curls so they got some browning and i had move on.   added a bell pepper and 4 smallish tomatoes.  the tomatoes were closer to chunky soup by the time my blond curls got done with them in the chopper.   ok, then, i don't like big chunks anyway.  

meat back in the pan.
next time i won't bother with the meat out then in.   i usually just move them to the edge and cook the onions in the center.   i'm all for easy, aka lazy.

instead of the wine or broth, i opted for a can of mushrooms with the "juice".   now, add the ketchup.  i don't know exactly how much i added.   my ketchup wasn't cooperating so i just added some .   it looked like about a tablespoon and a half.   stirred it, turned it down, covered it all, and let it go.   i moved it and flipped it here and there, but mostly, i just let it cook.

 they turned out really tender since they simmered in the sauce for so long.   i was surprised by the ketchup.  it gave it great flavor though.   it added a little sweet but not overly.

next part of dinner was smashed potatoes that i stole from here: crash hot potatoes.   yeah pinterest!

i use whatever potatoes i have.   if they are larger, i cut them down.   boil, throw in a cake pan or just on a bake sheet.   smash them with a fork, spoon, or potato masher if your feeling traditional.   i don't have anything to spray them with but i just drizzle some olive oil over them.   i used salt, pepper, parsley, and italian on them this time.   bake at about 300*-350* until they are a little crispy on top.  i always under season them in the pan and end up needing more salt and pepper when it's on my plate.   we always slather them with butter on the plate too.

i love these because they are easy and can be going while i make the main dish.  i have used it as a main dish as well though.   lovin' the easy!

these are my teenager's favorite!   it's always nice when they actually like something you make.  

well, what are you waiting for?   go eat!