Wednesday, June 13, 2012

super green

we were driving down the road the other day and saw a green car.   it was a green that made you say, "ew".   it got me thinking, (which is rarely a good thing), but here we go anyway.  

green is a really natural color.   nature has a good side and a bad side.   (keep that in mind when someone tries to advocate something by saying it's natural)   being such a natural color means there are good greens and bad greens.   now i grant you that brown is a natural color.   there are good browns and bad browns too.   like soil, tree bark, chocolate or . . . well . . . let's go back to green.   i've said for years that there is good crazy and bad crazy.   so i came to this conclusion.   green is like crazy.  

stay with me here.   let's just say i'm crazy like aspen leaves in the breeze.   they flicker from almost white to a beautiful leaf green on the other side of the leaf.   my mind flickers from one strange train of thought to another with seemingly no congruence, yet all tied together in the twisted maze of my mind.   there are those, however, that are crazy like "don't step in that" green or "what did you eat" green, or your basic, "i didn't know an animal could produce that color" green.   you know some people like that, i know you do.   and, yes, i know of some people that are crazy like bad brown things too but, like i said. . . let's stick to green.