Friday, June 29, 2012

whatever chicken and cream of mushroom

aaaaaand . . .here we go again.   cooking is really not my strong suit.   burning, i can do.   i actually burned dinner again tonight but it was still good so it seems like it's worth sharing.

in the states, i used to make chicken with either cream of mushroom or celery soup.   i can't seem to find it here though.   so i decided to try my hand at making some tonight.   wow!   this was impressive for me!   whoooo-hoooo!   it actually worked!

the hubby doesn't like the chicken in the soup so i made it all separate, rice, chicken and cream soup.

 chicken in a pan with onions, pepper and salt, butter or coconut oil or whatever you use.   let it cook for a while then chop in some carrots, celery, peppers.   i added some parsley and possibly some onion powder.     if i have time and patience, the onions get caramelized first.    cover, maybe add a little water if it has to sit.    that's my basic whatever meat.   it's great at our house because the kids can put it in tortillas, on top of rice, by it self, on noodles, with chicken, pork, beef, it's whatever meat.

while the chicken was cooking, i started my soup.   now, mine turned out kind of grainy but my friend told me that if i add the flour to the butter and mix it, it would be better.   so, half a cup of butter in a pan and when hot mix in your 2 tablespoons of flour.   like heaping tablespoons.   i don't actually have measuring spoons here so i used a really big spoon.   ya know, the original tablespoon.    stir in 1/2 cup milk.   i didn't have broth so i just dumped in canned mushrooms with the "mushroom broth".   it worked out fine.   i threw in some parsley flakes, salt and pepper, a little chopped onion.   whoo-hooo!   i made cream soup!   what we didn't eat, i threw in the freezer for the next time.

now, i know you guys can do this better.   let's hear it!   i need all the help i can get