Tuesday, July 10, 2012

braid around the pony

braid around the pony
it's not a fish boney
hair up
hair up
on a hot day

kidding and singing aside, this was just an experiment but it turned out ok.   i was originally attempting a waterfall braid but gave it up.    my tomboy can't hold a hairstyle that isn't tight.    i don't know if it's her being too active or just her hair being so straight.   either way, waterfall braid doesn't seem to hold.

instead i just french braided across the front taking only small sections from the top into it.   then back across the same way.   next time i'll just continue around the bottom.

i have a heck of a time braiding under her hair without her tipping over, which she isn't thrilled about.   so i just left the french braiding underneath her hair.  i just braided it and brought it under to the other side, then continued french braiding from there.   each time i just added small pieces from the outside.    it curved around itself pretty easily.   then i just braided the ends together.

she decided it was too hot, so i twisted it up into a bun.   twist, let it curve in on itself and wrap it around.   keep wrapping.   tuck the ends through the center so the first round is next to the head.    you can put a band around the base and over the first round to keep it up.   if you have curly hair, like mine, you don't need a band unless your doing aerobics or something.

there ya go!   now go braid around the pony, (and maybe sing the song while you do.)

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