Wednesday, July 4, 2012

braided buns

it has been so hot and humid here!   braids are great but when it's so humid, anything touching your neck is just HOT!   so, how many ways can we get the hair off of the neck?   braid it, weave it, bind it up tight! 

it makes life a lot easier to have a topsy tail to do these woven braids.   i made one and it works better than none, which is what i had for a long time.  i'm so excited, i just ordered a set from ebay for under 3€.  

not hard, i'm a simple kinda gal.   under braid, then bring the end up through a loop at the bottom of the braid and then again.   it depends on how long the hair is.   i then went through the bun a few times to hold the end.   there ya go!   braid your buns or bun your braids, but in the heat, buns of steel sound hot so avoid those.   enjoy!

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