Thursday, July 12, 2012

cloudy day gratitude

today's gratitude moment is brought to you by . . . CLOUDS!   clouds, the original sun shade!  

providing a large range of precipitation since the creation.   we bring you rain in drizzle, sprinkle, down pour, buckets, cats and dogs, freezing, shower, deluge, sheet, torrent, spit, monsoon, and the ever popular "just washed the car" forms.   snow has always been a winter favorite.   we provide snow to the northern and southern regions in fall, flurry, blizzard, white out, gentle, ball, and the ever popular powder for our skiing customers.   other precipitaion services include but are not limited to mist, sleet, hail, and cloudbursts.

haven't looked at us in a while?    check out our new and improved shapes and colors!    
our ever changing shapes are sure to be a crowd pleaser.     just sit back and let your imagination run wild.   you'll see every animal on earth and myth, including some that have never before been seen and may never be seen again.    we also include, every form of plant life, animate and inanimate objects, all things imagined or dreamed.   we may even inspire you to create the next big thing!  

enjoy our daytime and before and after hours color arrangements.   our color range during daylight hours range from white, to a lovely dove gray, the ever telling charcol and every shade in between.   enjoy our twilight and dusk specials when we feature a wide range of pink, oranges, purples, mauve, reds, blues and indigo.  

enjoy our entertaining and weather predicting shapes and colors any time!   

what?!   weather predicting you say?   of course.   just look up for the latest forcast.   
thin wispy clouds, a sheet of thin cloud cover, expect a change of weather in the next 24 hours.
lots of little puff balls clouds, cooler and fair in the winter, rain storm and /or thunder storm approaching in the summer, and could be a hurricane in the tropics.
clouds covering the sky with a gray blue blanket, expect anything from a light drizzle to a really great rain storm
large puffy clouds that are white, great shape watching weather, gray or dark blue, maybe watching from inside is best.   you'll probably have some breezes or winds to make cloud watching even better.

don't forget, those little puffs can turn into a the wonderful large fluffy stuff the we package our fabulous thunder and lightning storms in.

we provide a variety of backdrops for all your picture taking needs. everyone loves a lovely cloud filled sky for a beautiful background.   our light cloud cover is perfect for a day of portraits outside.   we shade the sun so there are no sharp shadows or squinting eyes.   landscapes are made complete with a beautiful cloudy blue behind it.   

other services include but are not limited to the following.    star, moon and sun peek-a-boo.   a place for your daydreaming head.   there's always room for you on cloud nine.   a dark storm cloud is available for all of your pouting, anger, and saddest days.   we do weddings!  a lucky rain shower is available for your wedding on special days.    inspiration for your dreams, poetry, limits, reaching, flying and diving through.
of course, all of our clouds come with a guaranteed silver lining.

CLOUDS . . .keep looking up, we'll be there for you!

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