Sunday, July 29, 2012

go nuts!

i completely missed thankful thursday, and here's friday nearly gone.   all we can do is go from here.    so, here's thankful thursday, late edition.

today, i am grateful for nuts!   that means the majority of my family.  aslo, the general condition of life with my family!   wouldn't have it any other way.

all kidding aside, nuts are great.

Enrich your diet with nuts nutrition!
Just munch a handful of nuts a day and you will be doing more than good to keep yourself healthy and stay fit.
Nuts have it all!  
Rich in energy, protein, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and much discussed omega-3 fatty acids. Crunchy yet buttery, wonderfully delicious nuts are wonderful gifts to humankind by Mother Nature.

yeah!   i love nuts.    my little blonde curls will eat almonds like candy.  no argument from mom.     my kids love peanut butter and nutella.   also no argument from mom.   fiber, vitamins, lower bad cholesterol, yada, yada, yada.   they are healthy for you, totally mobile, and they taste good, what else do you want? 

lately, i've discovered coconut oil.   lots of fun!   i use it to cook with and put it in my hair instead of conditioner.   yesterday, my towering teen became rather pink on the shoulders while swimming.  coconut oil from the freezer cooling and moisturizing.   i love something that multi-tasks.

lots of cool but boring stuff that nuts can do.   here's the fun stuff.

nut shells are amazing craft items.   crushed walnut shells are used in rock tumblers to clean metal parts.   i didn't know that.   i did know that all kinds of shells are used for beads, fillers for hot/cold packs.   my grandmother makes owls with half a walnut shell glued to a piece of felt, a knot pretzel above it for the head, cheerios on the pretzel for eyes, half cheerios for the beak and across a pretzel stick branch for talons.   how cute is that?   she also made little rolling turtles for racing down an incline with half a walnut shell.   she's a super crafty chick, my grandmother.   

this year i have hazel nut trees.   so excited!   i'll be drying and storing as much as i can.   i'm too old to still use the shells for fake nails, but i think i'll be drilling holes in them and making a wind chime.   i can't wait to try out some other crafty stuff with them.

i like metal nuts as well, not as good for you if you eat them, but totally useful and fun.   we need nuts to hold things together.   cars, buildings, toys, appliances, furniture, all held together with nuts and bolts.   cool huh?   nuts are fun for crafts because they already have a hole in them.   you can use them for weights on parachutes and jingles on bracelets, and everything goes on a wind chime.  

i tend to find the craziest stuff writing these.   i searched nuts and found this :

"The NUTS classification (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics) is a hierarchical system for dividing up the economic territory of the EU for the purpose of :
basically, lines drawn in the euro zone to divide up the red tape and make thing appear less complicated and more structured and organized.   wow!   more than i needed to know.

nuts is also the name of a candy bar, gotta love that.

evidently, nuts is also a game you can download for your iphone.   didn't know that either.   you probably did, i didn't.

there is a nut that is used as soap!   never heard of this but am loving the possibilities of it.   very cool.   you can buy them on amazon!   i am just learning all kinds of stuff today.

wasn't that fun?

now, you can go snack on some nuts, while washing your clothes with soap nuts in a washing machine held together with bolts and nuts and reading about what the nuts incharge of the euro zone are doing with their nuts zones.    wheeeee!

ok, go nuts with nuts all of you nuts out there!