Monday, July 30, 2012

heidelberg train station art work

we were at the heidelberg train station today and there were a lot of these political posters everywhere.   they were all over the town actually.  honestly, i didn't understand some of them.   i didn't take pictures of all of them, some were inappropriate.   i just think some of the political opinions from other countries are interesting.   

 i love the first one.   it cracked me up.   i'm sure i'm missing some deep meaning, but on the surface, it's funny.
 i thought this was an intersting opnion.    if you can't read the letters, it says, "what do we need"
 opinion on chernobyl
 non-political statue.   the case says porter muck, 1837 - 1905. his real name was johannes fries but his nick name was muck. he was a beloved porter in the original train station #73. he was well known for his kind, loving, loyal, but humorous and witty demeanor. ironically, he didn't become a popular figure until after his death when a poem written for his burial was published. now there are pictures of him in a few of the older restaurants and his death mask is on display at another restaurant.   (ew!)   the name plate at the bottom has the name of the artist, armin guther.   the artist donated this to the station.   it is dedicated to his sons, andrew and stefan guther.
 sickening to think about but important to remember and fight against
 not sure i understand this one.   it seems to be asking if the u.s. is really bringing peace
 no idea
 having lung problems myself, i totally get this one
 if only it was this easy
 i dunno.

this one makes some sense to me.   the ring of stars is the symbol of the united europe.   you see it on all of the license plates.   the stars are all supposed to be the same but these are obviously not.   just from what i am picking up on cnn here, i would guess that this represents the true nature of the equal partner countries.   i know that germany is the financial power house.   france is next.   i know that greece is bottom rung and having to be bailed out by the big guys.   there is another country that is having financial trouble as well but seems to be handling it better.    this is the most i know about it.   how close it is to what the artist is trying to say, i don't know.
why are we having radioactive milk?   i can gues, and i should probably look it up because our family loves milk.  i just haven't yet.   there are a lot of nuclear plants in germany so i guess there are concerns.   at least someone is concerned.
hunger in other countries statement?   seems obvious.   if so, what is the point?   no solution stated, just the problem.   
for all in this country?   for the world?   what?   am i really so uninformed that i just don't get any of these?
catholic church stand on birth control?   seems silly.   

i am not a studied person when it comes to politics so some of these are lost on me.   i read and watch as much as i can before i vote and i watch different news broadcasts to try and keep up on the basics.   being in europe and watching european news has been interesting.   i've learned a lot and keeping in touch with people in the u.s. i see that the understandings are very different.