Thursday, July 5, 2012

gratitude is key

i am grateful for everything!   but i have decided that every thursday, i will expound on why i'm grateful for something in particular.   so today, i am grateful for keys.   i'm a little tired of keys lately so i thought maybe it would be good for me to be grateful for them.

here in germany, everything has a key.   some doors don't even have knobs, just keys.   the door is either locked or not latched, which is totally weird to me.   there are no closets but the portable closets they do have, open and close with keys as well.   it's a bit annoying to have to use a key to open everything every time.   but here we are and it's better than the alternatives.  

i have an escape artist for a toddler.   he's fast, persistent, and most dangerous when he's quiet so i am grateful for locking doors and keys hung high.   fire hazard?    yes.   toddler running amok in an unfenced yard?    worse.  

i love the key to my car because i like not walking to the store in the rain or snow, or just when i have a lot to get.   i like being able to lock the car to deter people from taking things out of my car as well.

i am grateful for keys to post office boxes, storage lockers, bike locks, gun locks, safety deposit boxes, strong boxes, public tp roll dispensers, bank vaults, diaries, trunks.   all add a layer of protection to something while still allowing access.

key holes aren't as fun as they used to be.   our house is pretty old so all the inside doors use the old skeleton keys.   i love the old key holes that i can peek through.   it's kind of a game sometimes at our house now.   so i like those old keys.

if your a super hero type, you might just get the key to the city.   i don't know that it unlocks anything but it sounds important.   at the ceremony, there might be a key speaker as well.   the keynote of their speech will probaly how wonderful you are.    ooooh, impressive!

some electronics have keys to get into them.   we discovered that when the battery to the game boy game needed changed.   there's a key for that!   i didn't know that.

i'm old, so i had a pair of skates with a key.   i was pretty young at the time so i don't even remember what it was for.   without rollerskte keys we wouldn't have the song about it though.   yes, i'm old.

several tools are called keys.   hex keys are kind of like screw drivers, but not.    still, they are handy keys to have.   drills use a chuck key to open and close the chuck so you can change the bit.   also handy.

pin codes, passwords, key words and key phrases.   all serve the same purpose as a regular little piece of metal key.   still handy.    

arches have keys.   key stones are what make so much of the beautiful architecture of the world possible.    not only do they hold up arches but they provide a wonderful analogy for a great many important things.

the key to someone's heart is pretty important.     the key to understanding, key ingredients, key elements, key points, key players, key resources are all key. . .to something. . . have to be, right?

pianos have keys.   i'm not great. . .or even good at hitting the right ones at the right time.  piano keys are definitely important though.   my keyboard has keys.   i'm pretty slow with those keys.    singing in key is always nice.   that's another thing i'm no good at but i can't have all of the keys.  

you can key up, get keyed in, and keyed on.   but keying a car isn't nice, (just to be clear).

whatever your up to, gratitude is key!