Thursday, September 20, 2012

happy thankful for birthdays thursday

today, is my birthday so i thought it would be a good thing to be grateful for.   after all, as the old saying goes, "birthdays are good for you.   the more you have, the longer you live.".

it has started out great, my husband actually remembered it . . .in the morning even!   to be fair, he doesn't remember his own so it doesn't upset me.    we just don't do much for our birthdays.   the kids, we celebrate, ours are just whatever.   it's not a matter of age, although i will admit to lying about my age on occasion.   when my 29th birthday came around i figured no one would believe me anyway.   i mean how many women are "29"   for decades?   i figured, "why go through the hassle?" and just told everyone i was 30 for two years.   i'll be doing the same with 39.   so, happy first 40th birthday to me!

like i said, my birthday is no big thing.   i saw this picture on fb and it's actually how i've felt for years about my mom.
i stole this from the i really love being a mom page on fb.   although this is how i feel about my mom, i don't feel like this about my own kids.   i love a day to celebrate my kids.   i am so blessed to have them.   every day they drive me crazy in some way or another but it's not like crazy is far from home so no big deal.   birthdays are a great time to reflect on a person's worth in your life.   it's just an excuse to sit back and send an extra little love to someone.   if you do it every day, it's not special.  ok, we all need some love every day, but i mean something extra.   not gifts or material things.   the time it takes for someone to leave a comment on your fb wall, make a phone call or send a card are all a little something extra that lets people know you care.   should we do those things more often?   definitely!   i'm grateful for birthdays because it's a day that reminds me of how wonderful someone is.   gives me  chance to appreciate their presence in my life.   gives me a chance to reflect on how they have touched me.   it's a day that i miss someone who has past away and celebrate the time i had with them.  

be grateful to your mother on her birthday, and yours.   whether she gave birth to you or not, your mother has borne you on her heart, in her mind and in her soul every day since you came to her.     be grateful for her.

be grateful for every birthday.   be grateful for all the things that person has given you.   be grateful for all the things they have taught you.   be grateful for all the chances they have given you to learn patience.   be grateful for all the tests, strengths, lessons, inspirations, and mostly the love that you have because of that person.

make each birthday, a day of thanksgiving.

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