Friday, September 28, 2012

painting your thursday thankful

last weeks thankful thursday waxed a bit thoughtful and deep.     i thought this week i'd go with something thin.   this thursday i am thankful for paint!

here's how it started.   i went to get my bike out of the shed so i could go get my son from school.    (seems i often find gratitude on that route.)   the door to the shed is badly peeling, i mean really badly but it is just an old junky door.

 as i was getting my bike out i realized how many things are painted.   the house (inside and out), my bike, my junky door, the car, the railing to the porch, my nails could be (but they aren't).

on the ride to his school i started noticing more paint - signs, lines on the roads, art, fences, poles, a branch stump (to protect the tree).

this got me thinking about what paint is used for.   it's not just color.   paint is generally used for protection.   houses, cars, bikes, porches, poles are all painted to protect from the elements.

 but these are just for fun.

that's kind of humorous if you think about it.   if you smack someone on the head with a piece of metal, they are at least going to say, "ow".

but if you pour paint on someone's head, your going to just get more of an, "ew" and possibly a cleaning bill.

 paint is thin and fakes off after a while.   the only way it's going to kill you is if you drink it, even at that it could just make you sick.

isn't it fascinating that something so thin and flaky could be protective?

some paint doesn't just protect the wood or metal, it protects you.   this train bumper would be harder to see without this warning paint on it.

construction crews kind of need these paint markings.   keeps them from digging up things they shouldn't. . . you know. . .like power lines and gas lines, minor details.

let's not overlook the color though.

   i love all the things that get painted funky colors.  this red phone booth is beautiful with it's gold crown accent painted on.

lots of painted signs are useful for telling you where your going.   in case you don't have enough people telling you where to go every day.   at  least this way, you know when you've arrived.
these street performers painted themselves for their jobs. 
  blue dude is ok.   the lady in white was very sweet.  she had a little squeaker in her mouth and would squeak when she moved and squeaked thank you and good bye to the kids.

the statue on the side of this building in heidelberg wouldn't be nearly so fun without his coloring, not to mention the other decorations painted on the building.

these are few local murals and decorations on houses

this sun dial is seriously cool

houses here are fun colors, orange, bright green, red, blue.   love creativity with house color.

 cars are painted crazy as well.   we've seen snake skin, money, flags, patchwork, murals.    love it!

this is just a fun thing painted on a school sidewalk.

graffiti!   i love graffiti1  i love the amazing artwork in them.   this one is in switzerland.

   when i was a kid, i used to paint my friends nails with all kinds of pictures.   little fish tanks complete with bubbles and treasure chest, skulls, butterflies, flowers, fire, flags, various animals, shapes, letters, yada, yada.   one time i did the whole brides side of the wedding party with ribbons and their names and the wedding date in the wedding colors.

one last quick mention - chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, glow in the dark paint.     that's some cool paint!

look around you and think about how many things are painted.   cool!   right?

lots of fun stuff with paint . . except drinking it, don't do that . . it's un-healthy and it tastes. . . ya know . . . like paint.

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