Monday, September 24, 2012

riesenrutcschbahn (big friggin' slide)

this last spring we went to the riesen rutschbahn in poppeltal.   it's really just a great big slide, as in, you get hauled up a hill then slide for a few to several minutes down, depending on how fast you want to go.  since we went before the tourist season, we never had to wait very long.   it did sprinkle a bit so we had to wait until it had stopped and was dried off before we could go back on.

it's 3€ for a ride, 4.50€ for an adult with a child, a little less if you buy several at a time.   it sounded like a lot to me too for just a big slide.   it's totally fun though.   there are several smaller rides, bumper boats, mounted air guns that shoot foam balls, just little stuff.   they are all more expensive than i think they need to be as well.   the boats were 2€ i think.   it's a tourist spot so it is a little more.   but, it's so much fun, we're probably going to go back.
first you get your little sled, they have singles or doubles if your taking a little one with you.   our little blonde curls was able to ride with me, daddy, and our towering teen.   you go sit on the track up the mountain and they hook you up to a cable that hauls you up the hill backwards.   it's a long ride up because it's slow.   your riding up through forest though so enjoy the scenery.   there are some pretty steep places, if you see a sign, it means it's going to be steep, don't lean back and don't tip forward.

then you land on a flat spot at the top and dismount.   someone will probably grab your sled for you but we just took them ourselves and set it on the top of the slide.   they push you to start and you are off!
you have a brake, use it.   some of these turns are really tight and if you hit them at full speed, you'll go up and over the edge.   wheeeeeeeeeee!
i went with the curly boy mostly and didn't really speed down with him.
then, i went with my daughter.   she wanted to do one with daddy because she thought he'd go faster.   really?   she hasn't been paying attention.   we flew!   still had to brake a bit on the curves, i'd like to stay on the track, thank you.   we di go sideways on some  of the curves though.   she laughed all the way, ok, so did i.
overall, you see some beautiful scenery and feel the wind blowing through your hair.   except my husband, he doesn't have hair.   still fun. 

it's not a cheap family outing but not horribly expensive either.   it's worth it to buy a bulk package.   we got 6 singles for the bigger kids and 6 doubles.   that keep us busy for half the day.   we brought lunch and ate before we went in.   we did get an ice cream there before we went home though.

ok, we're at the end of the track . . . i wanna go again!