Monday, September 24, 2012

snaking underbraid

nothing fancy this time, but still cute and not the same thing as yesterday.   now that the kids are back in school i'm getting back into the swing of new and improved braids every day.
 you can see where i sectioned off the front and braided across to capture the ever present little whispies.  
 braided down to almost the center of the nape of the neck and continued the braid to the end.
 then, i started at the same side i started the first one and snaked the braid across to the other side.

i just added the smaller braid in and had i been a little less pressed for time, i could have pulled it to the top so it showed in the larger braid.   maybe next time.
 that's my towering teen helping with pictures.   he's a handy little gadget sometimes.    thanks son.
snaking braid from the back.   it was really easy and stayed put really well.   this one is actually after school, (i think).   she was trying to ride her scooter but the towering brother was "helping" and stopped her so i could take a picture.   he was giving her bunny ears at first, but the decided to give her head his t-shirt wings instead.   with this kind of help, i should be able to conquer the world.