Monday, September 24, 2012

stepping into halloween

i just wanted to get a jump on halloween decorating.   of course, in germany, any decor is more than most people do.   halloween isn't a big holiday here.   much to my poor kids chagrin, no trick or treating either.   we get faschings though so it kind of evens out.

i am still gathering supplies so no black or brown paper yet.   we have freakey colored bats.

one foot for the body and two ahnds for wings.
add some fangs and eyes.   some glow in the dark pens would be fun on these.   i added some details with a colored pencil.   

 then i folded along the fingers and rolled the body a bit to add some depth.   we just taped some yarn to the back and i taped a piece of scrap paper on the back and to the yarn to hold it in a certain angle.

 for the spider we just need two hands.   which is a good thing since that's all i have.
 glue them together with the thumbs together for the head.
 add a face to your sweet little spidey and hang him up

 ghosts are even easier.   just one foot.   really, just race a foot, draw a face and tape some string on.   we actually ended up with pink ghosts as well as white ones.   guess who made pink ghosts.

this is my towering teens invention.   not yet finished because we are waiting for daddy prints.   the concept is a foot pumpkin.   we have towering teens feet in the center, then mom and the princess on the outside.   the blonde curls foot is the stem and his hand for the leaf.   i haven't totally worked it out yet.   i'm wishing i had my orange inkpad to brush a bit on the edges.   i did fold and roll a bit to give it some depth.   i'll post the finished product when we get it done.