Thursday, October 25, 2012

cheer me up card

this week, a friend of mine has been having a string of hard days with hard things piling up.   i decided to make her a card.   i don'T have all of my fun stamps or cutters anymore so i did it all by hand and my straight edge cutter.   i just made it up as i went along.

the poem is in german because although my friend is polish, we both speak german.   it says : 
without clouds
there is no rain
without rain
flowers cannot grow
it's raining now 
so that flowers can follow

that's not a direct translation, but since i wrote it, i figure i can take artistic licence with the translation.

i pasted a blue background the front.   
cut a cloud and umbrella.   i folded the places where the umbrella would have the ribs to give it a little depth.
i drew in the rain drops and the umbrella handle.

inside the flowers were cut like snowflakes.   i posted that here.
just hand cut several of different sizes and colors.   

the butterflies were hand cut as well.   i just cut on the fold.   leave the same.   i also put some light folds in the leaves and petals to give them some body.   i just glued in the center so that it would stick up a bit.  

 i added some petals to the envelope to make it pretty.   just a pick me up for someone.