Monday, October 1, 2012

dragon braid

this was inspired by this photo from lope for hope on fb
i can't do anything this loose but inspiration just kind of goes it's own direction most of the time.   isn't that called creative license?   
 this time i didn't start with the front, i started at the bottom.   really making things up as i went.   section off the bottom, just a small piece and braid it together.   then take another section across the back of the head above that, divide it in half, (into two sides not top and bottom), and braid.
now, section off the front and braid it.   
lat you'll section another like the second set you did before with one exception.  leave a section about an inch wide on the outside edge, don't take all the way to the top either..
now when you braid from the front, bring in small sections of hair, not big ones, you want to have it still being brought in down pretty low.   those sections you bring in will cover the top of the last set and the place where things join together.   it cleans up all the lines.  
 bring the braids from the crown of the head into the main center braid just before the last sections of loose hair you left on the outside of the main center.   as you get to each new set of braids, add them in.

 braid it all together to the bottom.

it kind of looks like a dragon tail with all of those braids together.   the front is just beautiful but still reminds me of a helmet almost.

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