Saturday, October 27, 2012

folding snowflakes and flowers

i was just using scraps for the flowers on my card.   you need a square-ish piece of paper.   your going to cut the outside off anyway so it isn't really important that the outside is straight.   
 get your basic square by folding over one corner to where the opposite corner should be.   line up the edges.
 if there is a lot hanging over, cut off the excess.
 fold it back over corner to corner, then half again.   you only need the center of the long side of the triangle marked.
 now your going to bring the outside corners up and across.   your folding it in thirds from the bottom center.
 this is the only part that needs to be exact.   if the edges don't match up on the sides you'll end up with uneven cuts.
 for the flower i folded it again with the tall point on the inside.
 then i can see the lowest edge where i can cut.
 cut two half petals

 open it up and there ya go.
 my grandmother showed me how to do snowflakes like this.   we do lots of them every year for her windows.
 again, the edge isn't important as long as you keep the lowest edges to the outside so you can see your lowest points that you can cut.
 don't fold in half again for a six sided snowflake.   i like making them 12 sided sometimes but they are harder to get as much detail that way.
 cut lots of squiggly lines.   they are fun with crazy scissors too.   unfold it and you have fun, but realistic snowflakes.

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