Thursday, October 11, 2012

throw it in roast *updated*

since i have started school 3 days a week, dinner has taken a new form.   too often, the form of a box.   i don't a have a crock pot yet, so my slow cooking is done in the oven.   fortunately, i have a nice clay roaster with a lid.
***update - i now have a slow cooker and i still love this***
a couple  days ago, my husband brought home a nice roast.   i'm not always pleased with my roasts.   they often lack flavor or are tough.   i think i'm getting the hang of it now though.

this time i totally rocked it!   i was so pleased when i came home from school and smelled the heavenly scent of my roast.  for a second, i thought someone else had cooked.

here's what i did.
fresh roast
chopped onions, peppers and carrots and parsley
curry ketchup
worcestershire sauce
brown gravy mix
salt pepper, grill seasoning and  hamburger seasoning

i cut some deep slices in my roast on both sides.
i stuffed one side with onions and seasoned it.   left the rest of my first small onion in the pan and put my roast in onion side down
then i shook worcestershire over the top,  added some parsley from my window, seasonings, and the packet of brown gravy mix covering the top.   then i squeezed some curry ketchup over the top.   just a thin layer.  i added 2 more small onions, because i like onions.   i put about a cup of water in just to start the juices flowing.  ***update - water can often lead to a drier roast, especially in the slow cooker.   replace the water with applesauce.  no kidding!   that is some wonderful juicy, tender roast !***
then i just put the lid on and set it to  200*c, that's close to 400*f.
i did all of that around 3:30ish.   at 5, i dumped in my chopped peppers and carrots.   i didn't want them to be too done.   by the time i went to school at 5:30, it smelled wonderful.   i sliced it through to check it before i left and it was done.  i flipped it then so the rest of the gravy mix would get into the juice.

 i had my teens make noodles to go with it but they over cooked them and didn't eat them.   i ate mine with a roll and butter when i got home.   the bread and butter with it was perfect!

 this is actually a picture of the next time i made it.   so this time, the noodles were fine, and it tasted wonderful again.   repeatably good dinner is always a plus.

***the full blown veggies etc isn't really a must every time.   generally, i just use the worcestershire, gravy mix and onions.   still fab!   the addition of the applesauce made a huge difference.  
today's roast got even less attention than normal.   from the freezer into the fridge with the onions, sauce, etc the night before.     early morning before church dumped the whole thing in the crock pot on low.   done, finished, end of story until dinner time.   i love easy dinner***
hope it works as well for you.   i know it's pretty basic but it might spark your imagination.   enjoy!