Thursday, November 8, 2012

cheesey thankful thursday

do i really have to have a reason to be thankful for cheese?
i don't think so but i will explain what brought it to mind.   

i have this wonderful opportunity to take classes to learn german.   since germany has open borders, there are an immense numbers of immigrants.   in our class there were people from turkey, poland, nepal, romania, bulgaria, russia, and south africa!   very cool!   we have been doing presentations about food lately.   yesterday we had a presentation about pancakes from russia and cheese and sausage from poland.   i brought brownies and no bake cookies since it's something i grew up with and gave several extra to our only male student.   he loved them and i had tons left over that i didn't want to eat myself, and we all know young men are always hungry.   he passed on his extra cheese and sausage.   i was able to hold onto 2 little pieces of sausage.   my little blonde curly boy loved them!.   the cheese - back to cheese - the cheese is called oscypek.   his girlfriend's uncle made it and her dad brought it from poland this last week.   it is a traditional cheese that is only made in one part of poland.   you have to have certifications and specific equipment to make it.   it's made from a soured milk and then hung and smoked.  you can see the ribs where this cheese was in a cloth and hung.   it can age for up to 30 years!   now, if you don't have all the certifications, that you have had to pay for, you can still make cheese but you can't call it oscypek.   you simply drop the o and call it scypek.   scypek is generally made from fresh cow and sheep milk so it is considered a healthier cheese comparatively.   it has a sharp smokey flavor.   it tasted like a really weak sharp cheddar with a smoky background to me.

how is that for a neato cheeto?   should i even mention cheetos?   cheetos are like the mutated, cloned, side show freak adopted cousin's pet of cheese.   my kids still love them.    nothing wrong with side show freaks, probably more relatable to me than the normals.

cheese is a great source of calcium and other dairy important things.   cheese is yummy and that is all, i mean, i don't need any other reasons.