Thursday, November 15, 2012

soakin' it all in on thankful thursday

as i was washing dishes today, i am the dishwasher, i was thinking about what i am thankful for.   then i splashed up on the edge of the sink and wiped it up with my spiffy soak everything up sponge.   yeah, today i am grateful for sponges!

i use sponges for dishes and cleaning up all kinds of messes.   then i throw them in the washing machine and get to start all over.   i am grateful for not having to touch some of the things i soak up with those sponges.   i am grateful for my super sponges that soak up every last drop of water or whatever.   those are awesome!   i use sponges for sinks, tubs, counters, tables and when the need arises . . everywhere else in the house.   i mean really.   i have a family and we spill stuff.

i have made paint stamps and textures with sponges as well as just smoothing things out.  not to mention the sponge paint brushes that are great for kids, signs, and walls.  if you combine those uses, you get a mural and or graffiti. that's another story.

i have used them to keep the water out of the kids eyes when washing hair and for cleaning them up after.  i like the sponges that you put your little slivers of soap in so you can still use the rest of the soap.

sponges are cool little critters on the ocean floor or in a salt water tank.   i don't have any though.

sponges are cool plants as well . . well, you can make a loofah out of a certain squash anyway.

memory foam mattresses are just really big sponges.

magic erasers are very cool sponges!

there are birth control sponges and a square one with pants, but i think i will avoid both.

you can use a sponge for applying and removing make-up, oil, sunblock, and liniments.   there are also little sponge things that hold your toes apart while you paint your nails.   those amusing to me.

sponges can be used for bathtub toys, water fights, and stacking blocks.   we played the game where you have to carry water from one place to another with a sponge and we used them for water tag and water baseball.

clean the chalk board, wet a stamp or seal the envelope.

stick the old ones between your plates when packing, stuff a doll or pillow or whatever with them.   i remember having sponge beds for some dolls as a kid.

i have a tendency to stick sponges in the bottom of things that need some padding and/or absorbency    i keep my sharp knives in a big crock with a sponge in the bottom to protect it and the tips of my knives.    i've used the thin ones under leaking things for momentary fixes.

sponges are good for starting seeds or growing sprouts.   but make sure it's clean and doesn't have chemicals in it.   i prefer an unrolled (new, duh) tampon.   then i can plant it with the seeds and it dissolves.

have we enjoyed sponges yet?   i hope so.   my dishes are done so i'm happy.   now, keeping them done. . . not thinking about that.   i'll just enjoy the moment and know that when it's time, i will have sponges to do the job.