Friday, November 2, 2012

spidey is thankful for thursdays too.

since we just past halloween, i thought i'd go with something halloween-y.   i'm not  a spider fan but i am grateful for them all the same.
they build these great webs that catch other annoying flying bugs.   i love that!   and webs are beautiful, dang hard to capture in a picture though.   science has started using webs for all kinds of things.   they even crossed goats and spiders to get a goat milk that creates better webs.   they just crossed the milk and web genes.   8 legged goats crawling up your walls would be disastrous.
 this is my tomboy princess's halloween pumpkin.   i had to include that.   spiders are great in the garden and for their scare factor.   i mean without spiders we'd only be left with snakes, mice, politicians and lawyers to hate.   nothing personal, but i don't want to be hanging politicians and lawyers up for halloween.   i'll stick with spiders.
spiders are very cool little things.   don't get me wrong, if it's on the floor in the house, i'm stepping on it.    (outside is it's home and it can live . . unless it's poisonous, then it dies anyway)   spider poisons are some of the venoms being researched for medical uses.   weird right?  i think it's so amazing that we can use something that would normally make us sick, or even kill us and make it into something that helps us.

 yes, i know, this isn't a spider.   but daddy long legs are cool too and i like this picture.
this is actually the nest of babies that all of the cat spiders pictured on this page came from.   how neat is that?   these little guys were in our garden this spring.   we watched them spread out across the yard.   we have watched them grow and make their own webs.   so amazing!   we would watch all of them huddle together and then blow on them and they would all spread out like this.   i know, we are awful to tease the spiders.   it was seriously awesome to watch them though.   all of these tiny little things no bigger than a pin head just scurrying around the nest.

this is one of the spiders we watched grow up.   it's not the biggest one though.   one of these little ones got to be bigger than a dime this year.   she had a great web in a great spot.

ok, that's what i am grateful for on this thankful thursday.   creepy little crawly spiders . . gah!