Monday, December 17, 2012

crochet bookmarks and bracelets

every year my kids want to give their teachers something for Christmas.   when the 3 kids have 10 teachers between them, i have to be home-made mommy.   i got some new tiny little crochet hooks so i decided to play with them. . . .i mean put them to use.   i searched pinterest for inspiration.   as you may know, i can't read a pattern and i don't know many stitches so i have to have something simple.   i posted some of the links i used but if you search crochet bookmarks you come up with tons of inspiration.  yay pinterest!   yay google!
 i made this one up and it has now been pulled from the teacher gifts and is on it's way to my friend after i add some strings to make it a bracelet.   i decided that most of them can be converted into a bracelet so i'll be adding some tassels on both ends to give that option.
 my skinny angel.   i started out just playing with the circle and ended up here.

this is the same basic thing but i started with chain 8 and looped it then i crocheted around it.   then chain 4, 3-4 half doubles in the second up chain.   work towards the work you just did.  when you hit the chain coming down from the previous work, take the yarn around the back your needle around the front and continue with 3-4 more half doubles.   you should meet up with the start of your circle.   chain to close it and you might need to take a couple chains around the outside to get to the opposite side of your circle so that your chain of circles is straight.
open it'Äs a book mark, loop one end through the other and you have a bracelet.

this one, i tried to write a pattern of sorts for becasue i love the look of it.   hope it makes sense.

 this one is 2 triples next to each other, 2 chains, 3 triples in a single stitch on top and bottom, then 2 stitches and 2 triples.   then i just did 3 half doubles on the outside triple of each section.  i did a half double, double, 2 triples and back down on the ends as i went around the outside

this set was for my three year olds teachers.   i have no idea how many teachers he has.   one main one but some helpers so i just made five and sent them in this cute little box.  
i used this
to make the box out of a regular piece of paper and stuck them all in.   i had my blond curls give it to his main teacher and explained that it was for all his teachers.
also, i added tassels to both ends of all of these so that they could be bookmarks or bracelets.   multitasking multi-functioning gifts are great because they should like one or the other.   hallelujah!