Monday, December 17, 2012

crochet Christmas

i made and un-made this poor tree a dozen times.   i just couldn't find a pattern i wanted, not that i can follow a pattern mind you.   but i can make it up from a picture, couldn't find one of those i liked either.   so what i came up with was a basic cone then i started at the bottom and made 10 chain stitches and attached close to where i started.   i did roughly a couple rows of 10, then 9, etc until the top has just a couple.   i didn't really keep track of how many rows of each, i just eyeballed it.   i really like the way it turned out.   i think i'll use the same technique to make a santa beard and woolly sheep or animals.   it was lots of fun and simple.

 my crochet Christmas pickle.   again, no pattern.   i just went around and around but i put in some puffy stitches here and there.

 crochet around sea shells!  say that fast.   i liked my little rock snow  man so i tried it with sea shells.   i struggled most with the hat for some reason.   the flat back makes the hat a little harder to get to look right but it turned out eventually.   i just crocheted a scarf and wrapped it around the neck, pulled one end through the center to hold.   it's not like he's going to be playing very hard . . .i think
some more fun shapes i made.   i liked the icicle.   it was a chain and then i came back to form the loop and started making several doubles in every couple stitches, however it was working.   i worked my way around not straight down the there were stitches in the same chain but from different sides to make it round.   then i just reduced the stitches down and at the end i went around with chain stitches.

in the states, i made Christmas socks for everyone.   each was personalized and very different.   since we moved and didn't bring those socks a friend gave us some for the kids.   they are all the same so i had to find a different way to separate them.   the crochet hooks are out, so i crocheted for each sock.   maybe every year i can put something new on each sock.   they will get pretty decorative after a while.   anyway, i made a horse for the tomboy princess, a dinosaur for the blonde curls and a lizard for the towering teen.

merry Christmas!