Monday, January 21, 2013

free form crochet bracelet

i've been playing with this for a couple of months now.   one of those things i worked on here and there between other projects.  
 i was actually inspired by amber kane.  ( )  she makes gorgeous scarves!   i love her work.   my favorites are her free form crocheted scarves.   i figured i'd try it out on a smaller scale.   like a size 15 hook and a separated string into a single thread smaller scale.   what can i say?   i love my tiny little hooks.

i love crocheting but i'm not great at it.   this was a complete experiment, as is most of what i do.   it isn't as flat or as even as i wanted, more ruffle than i wanted,  but what in life turns out exactly as you first envision it?

 i ended up with a bracelet that can be worn a couple of different ways.   you can have a loose look with the ball in the loop.    or a play it a bit closer with the ball into a loop in the bracelet itself.   i like bringing it in from the back so it flips the side up and gives it more depth.

next, i must make a ring to match it . . .and probably a necklace of some sort as well.   wheeee!

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