Thursday, January 31, 2013

mobi wrap

A mobi wrap is a long piece of fabric that you tie your baby onto your front with.   My Cousin showed me, there are other ways to do it but this is what I know.

You'll need 6 yards of fabric.   It should be slightly stretchy, not a lot, just a little.   You need it to give enough that you can tuck the baby in and pull it over the little guy but it needs to come back and conform, not just stretch and stay stretched.    It also needs to not fray.   You won't be sewing it and you will be washing it, a lot.   It should be light weight or you'll broil, no matter what the weather.

Picking the fabric is the hard part, the rest is easy.

The middle yard is about 30" wide, the last 18 or so inches on either end is about 10" wide.   Everything in between is tapered from the 30" to the 10".   Simple.

Now, to get it on takes practice.   Put the middle across your belly, wrap it around your back and into the front again..   Now throw each end over the opposite shoulder.   cross in the back and tie on the side.   tuck baby into the first wide part across your belly and bring the crossing parts up around.