Thursday, January 31, 2013

mommy flowers

mommy flowers are one of the many perks of mommyhood.   we get the most beautiful flowers picked with the most love.   they are presented in the best ways and for the best reasons too.   

some don't have stems. like my bowl of daisies here.  its amazing what you can float in a bowl of water when your child is watching with anticipation.  irises need rocks to hold them up though.  not the floaty-est of flowers.

some last about an hour, like dandelions.

some come to you in handfuls all crunched in a toddlers fist, like the big bunch i got today.

some are special picked just for you from your very own garden.   some are picked from the neighbors, hope they don't mind.

all of them need to be fussed over.

all of them need to be put in a vase, even if that vase is a jar.  

all of them need to be the best bouquet ever, even if the last bouquet was five seconds ago.

all of them need to be smelled, and they all need to smell great.

all of them need a special place.   some of them need to have their special place on the porch.

either way, flowers mean love whether delivered by flower shop or humble hand.   enjoy the love in your flower bouquets.