Friday, February 8, 2013

braided shifu ears

it's that time of year here in germany!   FASCHINGS!    love it!
faschings is mardi gras or karneval without the flashing and beads.   on dirty thrusday all the bad stuff from the last year are let loose for a couple of weeks and then it's all swept out to begin the year clean, metaphorically speaking.   those little kitchen witches that i think are kind of ugly, they are the sweepers and actually good little witches.   what does that have to do with shifu? . . .nothing unless your daughter is dressing as a panda for faschings.

everyone dresses up for faschings.   i have two versions because she wore her costume to school yesterday and to gymnastics to day.   

yesterday's version is this 
 i did a small braid across the front to hold the whispies in check.  divide in two, braid up the back.   then i just wrapped the end into the front of the braid again and again around itself to make it stand up.   like princess leah but on top and high.   i wrapped the tail of the braid across the front into the braid behind the ear, just for some non-symmetry.

 today's version is from the front.   i braided from the front around the sides and then guided the braid up a bit so i could cross and bring the tail of the braid forward to make ears.   this time instead of wrapping to make the horn like ears, i tucked it in once, then brought it up and made a loop and tucked into the braid again..   then i wrapped the rest of the tail around the bottom of the loop to hold it up and tucked in back into the braid until the ends were hidden.

wasn't that fun?   i think i need to wrap her hair around a pair of light up horns just for fun.  how much fun would that be?!