Thursday, February 14, 2013

cleaning up my attitude with gratitude

today, i am not in the mood to be grateful.   i am in a rotten mood.  i'm in more of a throw things, scream and yell, temper tantrum, sic 'em, tear into everyone kind of mood.   i'm trying to maintain.   i'm trying to Abe realistic, and logical, and just what i'm supposed to be.   so gratitude is probably a good thing right now.   i mean, isn't when you least feel like doing something you know you should do the time that you need it most? 
so, here's my clean up.
 i am grateful for my family and our time we spend together.   i am grateful for the games we play and sitting around the table eating lunch and playing cards with my kids.  

i am grateful for our house that is not only warm, but warm with the wonderful heat from a wood stove.
i am grateful for my hubby that comes home and brings valentine's day cake and flowers even when i have forgotten about it.   i am grateful for 18 years of marriage and finally learning to communicate better.  

i am grateful for phones, internet, digital cameras, and all of the other ways i keep connected to my friends and family 8,408 km away (that's 5,224 miles).  

i am grateful for a sense of humor.   yes, it's twisted, wicked, warped, but it's mine.  

i'm grateful for cleaning, i don't like it, but i'm grateful for it.   you find amazing things.   i found the cat in my kid's room.   (but i find the cat in the middle of anything i'm doing)   and i found some joy in my heart cleaning out the junk that was trying to clutter it up.

have a great day.   and the next  time your having a day cluttered with garbage, clean it out with some gratitude.