Saturday, February 2, 2013

crochet cuff links

trying to keep my ever more towering teen in clothes is really hard.   when i find a church shirt that fits, that i can afford, i don't pass it up.   this last one i got for him though, requires cuff links.   
ok, i had cuff links in the states, but not here.   
that's ok, i'm beginning to think i can crochet just about anything.   so far, so good.
one of my son's fav ties is bright pink.   so i started with some bright pink cuff links to go with it.   he loves them!   
here ya go-
 i crocheted a little ball, stuffed it tight with some cotton and then finished off the ball.   then i just kept going with a chain stitch but i chained one and then reached back into the side of the stitch to put in another stitch for a little more stability.   i did about five of those and then started another ball.  
i'm thinking i need to try my hand at something more intricate than a ball next.   it still has to be small enough to go through the holes, and sturdy enough to get mauled through the holes and then hold them together.
i'll keep you posted on what the next set of cuff links turns out to be.