Friday, February 22, 2013

crochet scrubby wash mitt

i'm tweaking things again!
i love the little crochet scrubbies that are being pinned recently.   i tried it  and totally failed the first one i made.   it works but is too small.  i only had some smaller yarn and didn't make enough of an allowance for that in my attempt.   whatever, it washes dishes.   but, i wanted something i could wear to give me a bit more freedom.   i figured all i would have to do, is just make it bigger and longer and then not close both ends.

i'm not going to explain the basics of this since it is much better explained in this blog and video.   i also believe in giving credit to the ones who taught me or inspired me.    you should watch the video before you go ahead with i did.

i used a u.s. I 9 or 5.50 mm hook.
i did 30 stitches so that i could get my hand in it.   i did about 36 rows.   sorry, i didn't count.   i just went until it would fit.   the stitches wide are how deep it will be and the rows will go around your hand.

i just used up some scratchy scraps, thus the multi-color mitt.   i had some thicker stuff for the first blue and white, then i found both ends of the next stuff and crocheted with it doubled.   then i ran out of that too, so i used three strands of some other stuff i had. 

i always foul it up when i do the joining to make a tube.
yes, i did it the wrong way first.   totally finished crocheting it together.   if you are struggling to get the ends of your rows to match up, struggling to get the ridges to match. . . your doing it the wrong way.   i did it 3 times before it finally got it to all match up and realized that it was rings instead of spirals.   my excuse is that i am sick.   that's my story, and i'm sticking to it.

the right way is to stitch the first row to the last row.   this is way easier since you are stitching matching numbers of stitches up, one row of 30 with another row of thirty.

after that, i ran another row of stitches around the end and then pulled the long end through that extra row to pull it up tight.   
that's the end if your making a mitt.    to make a scrubby, you need to make it shorter.   it will fold over and be like a half ball if you make it according to this pattern.

i'm actually going to make another one with one end closed and a draw string in the other end so that i can put a bar of soap in it and then hang it up to dry in the shower.   it's the crochet version of soap on a rope but i don't have to worry about little soap splinters.

i did this basically the same as the scrubby but , of course, tweaked.
i did the body of it the same, i used a smaller cotton yarn instead of the bulky scratchy stuff.   i used a size E hook and did 35 stitches, i think.   i just kept going until it was the length i wanted.   remember that the rows are the size a round.   at the bottom of my ring, i crocheted around one time.   this gave me a base to work off of for the bottom.   i made the corners with five stitches into one.   do that once on opposing sides.   to make the bottom, i did a flap coming up from one side and then attached it to the other side.   i just went back and forth in the back loop like you do in the body to make ridges.   it doesn't need to be wide, it's just for soap.   
on the top, i went around one time for a base to work off of.   then, i just did triple stitch all the way around.   this forms a large holes to pull the cord through for your gathered top.   my daughter used a little crochet loom for the rope.  i crocheted the ends together and done.   ok, you might want to lace it through your top first, before you go joining the ends.   minor details. 

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