Wednesday, February 13, 2013

leftovers hot chocolate

tis the season to have hot cocoa!

i haven't seen hot cocoa packages here, so we improvised.

i started with a liter of milk in a pan on the stove.   i just started adding anything chocolate.
a couple of heaping tablespoons of kaba, or chocolate milk mix

several chocolate Christmas balls.  this is the part that took the longest.   unwrapping the foil.   and you might want to taste the chocolate first, because some of the chocolate balls in the states are nasty.

the rest of what was in the nutella jar.   turned out to be about 2 tablespoons.

several large, hard marshmallows.   my towering teen used a halloween peep in his cup too. 
blonde curls and i added a teaspoon of peanut butter to ours

and my tomboy princess dipped a banana in hers.

heat it on a low setting.   you could use a higher setting, just keep it stirring so the chocolate doesn't burn to the bottom.   stir it before you serve it so you get the melted chocolate from the bottom.   


there ya go.    it was delicious!
you could throw in some broken candy canes or peppermints, some strawberry drink mix or candy, i bet my princess would like some andies mints in hers.   just whatever you have left over from the last big candy spree.   hot chocolate can't be as fattening as just eating the candy itself can it?