Saturday, February 9, 2013

honey, i love you!

today, i am thankful for honey.   i love it on my bread, mixed with peanut butter.   i mean, it really has so many uses in cooking.   but i am grateful for it for a different reason!

a few weeks ago, i went to the doc for some wart treatment for my little blonde curly boy.    it seemed like a lot of stuff for what i needed for the munchkin so i took the opportunity to get rid of a little skin wart that was making me crazy just above the bend on the inside of my thumb.   i prefer my easy over the counter stuff from the states but here we are.   this stuff i got from the doctor was evidently a bit stronger than my otc.   i was being really careful with my curly boy but evidently not careful enough with me.   isn't that how we are though?  

i was doing ok with it.    now, this thing drives me nuts, and i scratched it one day and a little piece of it came off.  i was thinking, "cool, it's working"   then the next time i put stuff on it, it stung a little but no big deal.   i think maybe my pain tolerance is a bit too high sometimes.   after another round of acid on this thing i scratched it again and the whole top came off.   great!   huge hole under it where the acid had gone under it and eaten healthy skin and muscle.   not great!   

this was not a big hole compared to a bed sore or a bullet hole or even a pencil hole, but it was a big hole compared to what was supposed to be there.   it was larger than the big glass head pin heads.   it was about 1/8 inch wide and deep.   i could feel it when i moved my thumb.   well, crap!   ok, i heal pretty quick and i am a serious klutz so first aid and even some medical is no problem.   i figured i would just put some bag balm on it and bandage it.    no problems, right?   wrong!   2 days and nothing is changing.   it doesn't look wet and soft after i do the dishes (by hand).   that's weird.   really weird.   no change, just dry and open, like looking down into my muscle open.   

then, a light came on.   hallelujah for divine inspiration!  

a few years ago, my grandfather had a stroke from years of smoking.   his left side was paralyzed and was in bed for months.   he passed away due to the development of cancer in his throat from the smoking.    during this time, he developed bed sores.   pretty large ones.   he was being really well taken care of but they developed and his body was not fighting things.   i decided to do some research.   i found that many sources recommended honey or sugar in the wounds to help them heal.   really!   ok, then.   i tried to convince the powers that be to try this with him, but to no avail.   he passed away soon after that.

now, i'm just going to just be the guinea pig myself then.  
like i said, i had put new bandages on twice a day, letting air between fora while.   no change, no signs of healing.   none of that goo stuff that the body produces when it's healing.   nothing.   the yellow is from the acid on the skin, no idea why it did that to me.  but you can see how big the hole was.   the yellow outline is the original size of the hole.

i should have taken a picture before i started but i was so excited to try it i just went ahead with it.
 first picture is after the first time treating it.   i put one drop of honey in the gaping cave in my thumb and put bandage tape around it over night.   this is the next day after i let it air a bit.   it was actually larger than this the day before and you can see how it's healing.   when i opened it up it had healing goo, eww but a good sign.  i didn't take a picture of that, your welcome.   after it aired and i did the dishes, i put another drop of honey in it and wrapped it like i had been doing the whole time.
 next day, same thing.   twice applying honey and bandages and letting it dry in between    i have to say, after doing the dishes, it also looked like a wound should after doing dishes.
     this is the next day.   a lot smaller, still deep but not as deep as it was.   i think it's amazing how much progress it's made in just 3 days.   

i'll keep you updated.   still loading pictures of every day.   

ok, my new neosporin is honey!

update.   i totally spaced the next day.  no honey, no pictures no bandage.   the day after that, i bandaged it, but it looked like the hole under wasn't healing as fast as the skin.   you can see that the yellowed skin came off finally though.
i just stopped putting honey or anything on it.   the next day, i put some anti-biotic on it to make sure it was clean and kept it bandaged.   i didn't so the dishes to soak it because i started them and promptly broke a glass while trying to clean it . . .again.   you would think i would stop putting my hand inside glasses.   i spent the rest of the day and the next day with my thumb, finger and palm bandaged.   good grief!   i also burned my other hand on two different things on the same day.   i am seriously talented.
 anyway, thumb is still healing.   the hole underneath it is almost filled although i expect it might take a while longer until it's totally healed.   i mean, it was a giant hole in the muscle.   such is life.   do your own research on it.  go forth and learn of wonderful natural healing things.