Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"i'm stuffed" peppers

my grandmother always made these when i was growing up.   i was never fond of her peppers because they were softer than i liked.   they didn't have as much flavor either.   she explained to me that my grandfather didn't like the sharp taste of the peppers so she would boil them for a few minutes first to get a milder flavor.

stuffed peppers are not hard.  
like with anything i do, i get the kids involved.   they like squishing the meat up to mix it and stuffing the peppers.  

for the filling, i used
2 pounds of meat +/-
1 hard roll - put through the fine shredder
1 large carrot - chopped
1 medium onion - chopped
1 egg

worcestershire sauce, probably about a tablespoon or so.  maybe more.  i like this stuff.   you could use soy sauce, i think.   i use worcestershire for all of the recipes that call for soy, since i don't like soy sauce.   it stands to reason that the opposite would be true as well.
ketchup, probably about 1/4 cup or so
salt, pepper

4 medium peppers of various colors

cut the tops off of the peppers.   i put all the seeds into the meat.   i also trimmed the remaining pepper off of the stem and threw that in the meat as well.     throw in the rest of the ingredients and let the kids mix it up.   the bread is not only to extend it a bit but gives it a better texture and binds with the egg to help it hold together better.

put them in a covered baking dish and bake for around 45 minutes at 350*.   i made some brown gravy to pour over it which i really liked.