Tuesday, February 5, 2013

strawberry box

i picked up this old flower box from one of my favorite places to shop, the curb on garbage day!
i'm all over fixing up what other people see no use for .   anyway, this thing was in good shape.   

i wanted it to have plenty of drainage but i just didn't have enough rock to put in the bottom.   also, rocks have this strange way of making thing heavy.   weird.  i wanted to be able to move it by myself if i needed to 
what i did have a lot of was these little cheap plastic pots.   i just turned them upside down in the bottom and used that for my drainage.   worked great.   i wasn't sure if it would.  i though the soil might possibly escape down into the holes and i could possibly have a cave in.   nope.   everything stayed put.
 it did have a hole in the side.   possibly the reason it was on the side of the road?   no matter.   i just used a stick with a knot in it.   i stuck it down into the hole from the inside.   then i just cut off the overhang from the outside.   the dirt pushes from the inside and holds it in place.   the knot holds the dirt back.   kind of that old song, "there's a hole in the bucket, dear liza, dear liza"

in the end, the strawberries liked it.   and so did a stray pumpkin.   no idea where that thing came from but the strawberries were done so whatever.   we got a little tiny pumpkin off of it.   next year, we'll try for some everbearing strawberries and hope that no more pumpkins jump into the middle of it.   

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