Tuesday, February 5, 2013

to do chart

this is my chore chart for our family.   
is it just me that has kids asking, "can we have a treat?", "can we do this or that?" before the chores are done?
this is my solution
i took a large poster frame and taped papers of different colors together to make separate sections.   at first, i wrote the chores on the outside of the glass until we figured out what we needed.   after i got it all sorted out, i wrote them under the glass.   that way, the kids and i can mark it off as done with a marker and just wipe it off the next day.   
later, i did change some things and add somethings .   all it took was removing the glass and writing it.   i cut a strip of the right color paper and glued it on top of things that we didn't really need, like "feed cats", they make sure it hasn't been forgotten on their own.   i added "read" with a place for both kids to mark it off.   i changed the top light blue section to a shopping list which has been really helpful.   

he kids and i do the things that need done.   we mark them off as they get done.   some things get done more that once, like "wash clothes".  everything is broken up into little chunks like, dirty clothes (bring them down from your room), wash clothes, dry clothes, fold and put away clothes.    some things have a separate places for each person to check off, like "brush teeth".   the rule is that the kids don't get to have treats, (healthy snack doesn't count), or even ask to play, watch tv or anything else until everything is checked off of the list. now, mom doesn't have to go through a list of "did you do this?", "did you do that?".   i also don't have to look to see what has been done when the kids ask for things.   i just ask if the list is done.   i do look at the list and then at the floor, the kitchen and make sure it's been done correctly.   but it has seriously cut down on the questions and the brain power mom is exerting on what has been done and needs done.