Thursday, April 18, 2013

taking a bite out of thankful thursday

today i am grateful for teeth. 

not happy about the blonde curly boy biting his sister, and he wasn't pleased about mom biting him.    mommies are never happy about teething babies trying out their teeth while nursing, OUCH!   

teeth are nice for eating things.   eating without them isn't so great.

i'm grateful for biting carrots, and celery stuffed with peanut butter, and nectarines, and chocolate.

i am grateful that my tomboy princess is so good about brushing her teeth and taking care of them. 

imagine how boring a halloween pumpkin or vampire would be without teeth.

 t-rex would be lame without his teeth.   what would a saber tooth tiger be without teeth?!   he'd be hungry, that's what!

comedy would be less comedic without wind up chattering teeth. 

there would be nothing to show for a fight or a missed baseball if you didn't have teeth to knock out. 

the tooth fairy would just be some crazy little winged thing with no teeth to collect, let's not add to the unemployment rate by taking away the tooth fairy's job. 

what about all the other things that have teeth?   combs and gears have teeth.   a variety of digging equipment have teeth.   the all important zipper has teeth!   that is an important one.

where would the candy industry, toothbrush/toothpaste companies, or dentists be without a sweet tooth?

evidently, there are tooth tattoos now.   well, ok then.   whatever makes you smile and show your funky tattooed teeth i guess.

there is a page with cakes that have teeth . . it's a bit horrifying honestly, so i won't share it.

fish have teeth.   fishing would be no fun if you never got a bite.  

and with that, we have come full circle with our tooth conversation which has really become a bit long in the tooth itself.   
now, that we have taken a bit out of thankful thursday and sunk our teeth into reasons to be grateful for teeth, i think i'm full up to the back teeth with this conversation.   if i said otherwise, i'd be lying through my teeth.     you might be ready to give your eye tooth to have this be over with but it doesn't seem to be going down without a great deal of gnashing of teeth and is fighting tooth and nail.   fortunately, i am armed to the teeth and am ready to give it a kick in the teeth.   so i'll grit my teeth and get my teeth into it.   more tooth idioms seem to be getting scarce as hen's teeth.
ta-da!   next week we'll get the bit between our teeth and cut our teeth on something else.

ok, now i'm done
 and actually posting this thankful thursday posting on thursday by the skin of my teeth.

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