Friday, April 19, 2013

wrapped braid

this was our hair adventure this morning.
i split down the center, then one side at a time, split from top of the ear to the back center.   
i braided along those lines.  

that was basic, now is the funky part.  i didn't braid all the way to the end of the hair, i just braided a little past where it left the head.   after all three were braided, i braided the braids together from the bottom up and to the end.   that takes a little concentration from me.

now, you have a braid sticking straight up.   tuck that braid down through the top two braids and then around the center braid a couple times.   that brings you to the bottom.   i used a topsey-tail to pull the end up through the braids to the top and left the end to fan at the top.

 i was afriad her ends were going to be a bit dry this way so i added some coconut oil and used the curling iron to heat it in.   the curls are absolutly the perfect touch to this i think.   it just dressed it up a bit.