Saturday, May 25, 2013

gratitude is popping up like daisies!

this week we have been taking back the yard.   it's been a long fall and winter with me being sick so much.   when mom is sick, no one does anything.   much of what is in front of our house isn't ours but the kids are allowed to play in it so we decided to give it a trim.    in the middle of this mess, we had various flowers popping up.   mostly considered weeds by everyone else, i still saved some of them.     the most important flowers we saved were these daisies.
 my hubby went around them very carefully with the weed wacker.   you may recognize them from my  mommy flowers post.   these poor daisies have been making their way in the middle of the weeds for who knows haw many years, (we just moved in last year).   they had pallets stacked on them last year.   i've been watching them and smiling within every time i see them.   not only have they been hanging on, but i have another reason that i love them so much.

my best friend, my other half, "my sister" loves daisies.   we have been best friends and "sisters" since we met.   i can't explain why, but we just have.   we are so close that we feel each others pain, quite literally.   more than once i have crumpled to the floor in pain for no apparent reason, realizing that it's not me but her.   a quick call and, "what are you doing?!  knock it off!" has always explained the sudden problem.      we thought i was pregnant since i was showing all signs, including milk, until we figured out that it was her.   no kidding.   we are that close.   being so far away has been, to say the least, difficult.   every time i see these daisies, i think of her, i miss her.   sometimes i smile, sometimes i tear, but it just gives me a second of memory and closeness to my best friend.

so, now that i'm crying, back to the daisies.

since they were not covered by pallets of stone this year, i decided to move them to a more suitable home.   i cleaned out a flower bed that sits right in front of where we park and the first thing you see as you sit on the porch or come down the stairs.   i just wanted them closer, somewhere i could have my memories right near by.  its still a mess right now, and the bed needs more work, the daisies need more flower friends, but my sister's daisies are in, the rest can wait.  they are all staked up, they got to be about 3 feet tall to compete with the weeds.   isn't that how life makes us grow?

so, today, i am grateful for the little things that bring back memories, that bring us closer, that just bring us a little joy and love.   i am grateful for the gift of my daisies and the person they remind me of.

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