Friday, May 3, 2013

slippery gratitude

i don't know how much you might think about this one but i am grateful for oil today.   i have been sick for the last couple weeks and the thing that has been helping is some camphor oil.  i have been using it behind my ears, (you know, the sick sexy smell of camphor), in front of my ears and down my neck.   you can use it in your ears but it does burn a bit.  at least the 35% stuff i have does.   i got some more that was only 10% and it didn't do anything for me.    i have been using it for about a week and it was helping when i used it regularly, but then, i would feel better and not use it and then i would feel worse.   so, i think i will stick with it for a little longer than when i start to feel better this time.   we are our own worst enemies sometimes aren't we?   anyway, i came to thursday and i started thinking about all the different things that we put into an oil and what all we do with oil.

i heard the other day about oil pulling.   i think mostly it's used for dental health but some people are swearing by it for getting rid of colds and such as well.   there are a million sites that are talking about it.   i read in several.   i want to try it but i'm still a bit chicken honestly    it involves putting oil in your mouth and swishing it for 20 minutes.   i haven't gotten up the nerve to try it.   i think i would try coconut oil because it's pretty tame with taste.   coconut oil is actually a favorite in articles i've read as well.   if you've tried it, please let me know, i'm just not there yet.

now, i admit that i substitute applesauce for oil in cake, but there are a million other uses for oil besides cakes.   cooking, baking, hair conditioner, face creams, lotions, baby bottoms, anti-rust, lubricating  therapy, massage, lamps . . .ok, this could go on forever.

so, today, as you drive, eat, rub some liniment on sore muscles, smell a nice air freshener, you know . . .seriously, you could find things all day that have oil.   really, think about it and have a slick day!