Friday, September 13, 2013

i believe #1

i believe in God.   He is my eternal Father, the Father of my spirit.   He loves me as only a perfect parent can.   HE wants me to be the best i can.  He cares for me, watches over me and tries to teach me.   He does all the things for me that i try in my imperfect way to do for my children.   no matter what i do He loves me and wants me to live up to my potential.

i believe in Jesus Christ.  He is the spirit and flesh born Son of God, my spirit brother.   HE lived.   He suffered for my sins so that i can recover from the things i do wrong.   because He suffered for my sins, when i do something wrong, i can turn to Him, allow Him to take the worst of the wounds that sin causes to my soul, and be healed with new strength to continue and do better.   because He suffered for my personal sins, He knows all the pain and sorrow i have.    He knows all the things i suffer personally and will strengthen me in my time of weakness, sorrow, and pain.

i believe in the Holy Ghost.  He is God's messenger.   He is the helper that connects me, bears testimony to me, and helps me to know the truth in all things.