Friday, October 11, 2013

basket pony

this was another experiment with my daughter's hair.  i have totally been a slacker and haven't posted her hair for a while.   trying to catch up.   

start with  separating the hair into 4.   center and front to back.  i separated high but you could go lower or even use 6 sections.   as long as all of the braids end up together, you'll be ok.   
 then i wove them across each other like a basket, brought them around the edge and through the top into a pony.   super simple.   we added some curls which, of course, didn't stay.  

the braids were still cute though.   this held up through sports so it holds well.   i couldn't leave a long pony because it would tangle too much, but you could weave less or use shorter hair.   

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